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There is a balance to be struck between everything in life – between work and leisure, work and personal life, the virtual and real world, as well as between saving money and spending money.

Every one of us should make savings. In fact, this is not as easy a process as it sounds, as it requires a lot of patience, willpower and a certain amount of relinquishment of various goods and services.

Why make savings?


The ability to save money is very positive, because when you may have to lose your job or get into another uncomfortable and uncomfortable financial situation, saving can be the best way to get out of such a situation more successfully. But you must be able to save wisely! Often, today ‘s society misunderstands the term “saving” in any way and saves money even on things that should not be saved, only to make its situation worse over time. Not for nothing is the saying that the stingy one pays twice, so don’t save money on cheap and low-quality goods and under no circumstances on health expenses! It is better to see your doctor in time than to wait for a long, expensive and unpleasant treatment.

Money can only be saved on goods and services that are not really needed and have no impact on the financial situation in the future, such as reducing your spending on sweets, alcohol, or buying really unnecessary clothing. Sometimes you have the following with your clothes: You buy it, go home from the store and you don’t understand what the hell you bought it for. Food is the same: go to the store only when you have enough, otherwise you will buy not only what you need but what you do not need at all.

If you choose the purpose you want to save money on – whether it be a new mobile, a computer, a winter coat, a trip, etc. – then it will be much easier to save money, as most financial advisors find the best motivation to save money goal setting.

What, then, is excessive spending of money?

What, then, is excessive spending of money?

All primary expenditures relating to medicine, health, food and housing cannot necessarily be regarded as an excessive waste of money, since they are, after all, the basis of human existence to function in any way.

The worry of spending too much money is when you spend it on an unconscious amount of secondary goals – clothing, footwear, travel, expensive hotels, various entertainment activities and trips. Of course, this spending is also necessary, but it is not necessary to make the extremes that people often succeed in some way.

Consequences of spending too much money

Consequences of spending too much money

Unfortunately, many people today suffer from financial problems. Similarly, many live beyond their means. What does it mean? They are unable to make ends meet and borrow monthly from friends, relatives or, in the worst case, from credit institutions, to make fast loans to meet all their wishes and desires. Getting out of such a circular circle is not so easy, because in order to get something you have to give up something, which can be particularly difficult in such a situation.

By living beyond your means, anyone can find themselves in a situation where it is impossible to pay their mandatory expenses, from rent, utility bills, transportation costs to health payments and food, so it is important to think about your finances to find the balance between spending money and saving.

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